About us

Cranio and Shiatsu complete each other like Yin and Yang or Anja and Pablo. They influence our lives. That’s why we would like to share them with you.


Craniosacral therapist
(Integrale Schule für biodynamische Craniosacral Therapie, ISBCT Kiental)

School assistant at the ISBCT Kiental

Knowledge in medicinal plants


Climber, Yoga and Qi Gong practitioner

Born 1985 in Lucerne (Switzerland)


Shiatsu therapist
(International Shiatsu School ISS Kiental)

School assistant at the ISS Kiental

Seiki practitioner

BabyShiatsu practitioner by Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke, Aceki, Germany

Honey maker and Trust Technique work with donkeys

Transport planer

Climber, aikido, yoga and Qi Gong practitioner, likes football

Born 1985 in Biel/Bienne


One child and the joy of spending time all together

Making Love Retreat by Diana and Michael Richardson
Relational themes linked to sexuality in the therapeutic work by Notburga Fischer and MannFrau-Symphonie by Robert and Notburga Fischer (running)

Permaculture project at Kiental