With the complementary therapeutic methods craniosacral and shiatsu we support you on your personal path. Your health and well-being are at the heart of our focus.

Through the touch of our hands we create a space for transformation.
We accompany you with particular emphasis in the following areas:

Pain and discomfort

be it physical or mental: Find (back) the balance within yourself


Physical performance

unfold your potential, stimulate regeneration, welcome recovery: discover the abilities of your own body


Relationship and sexuality

how do we come together: being with yourself and opening up to the other person; achieve and live a conscious and relaxed sexuality

Pregnancy and early times

feel and be supported holistically in pregnancy and from birth to the first steps


Personal development

expand your awareness and deepen your perception, at any stage of your life, in the present moment



we offer Cranio and Shiatsu as an additional support to your offer throughout Europe


On request, we also offer therapeutic support with both methods in combination. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

More about the methods:


CHF 130.- / 60 minutes

EMR certified: we are recognized by most of the complementary health insurances.

Please cancel a session at least 24 hours before it takes place. Otherwise we will have to charge it.


We work on a table (cranio) or a futon on the floor (shiatsu).
Please wear clean and comfortable clothes.
A treatment runs for approx. an hour.